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Learn how to:
  Use our 15 Step process to better health 
   Benefit from healthcare reform
  Get into better eating habits by learning some
     nutrition basics

Welcome to Steve’s Healthcare.com!
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        Develop strategies to deal with large medical and hospital bills
        Adapt an exercise program that is sustainable - 30 minutes a day
        Obtain a low-cost evaluation by a wellness coach or dietician
        Select a hospital by using the Joint Commission website to look at
          accreditation status, quality indicators and patient satisfaction
        Evaluate whether Medical Tourism should be a consideration for your
           surgical or dental care

        Select a Health Insurance Plan
        And much more
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Why Should I Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

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Why Should I Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

Healthy Lifestyle - Live a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes; improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression; reduce stress; enhance self-esteem; and, help you to live a longer, happier and more productive life.


Good health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being.

1. Physical Dimension - Encompasses our physical condition such as weight, diseases or lack thereof, physical safety, etc. and is very much affected by our lifestyle, genetics, medical care and environment.

2. Social Dimension - Social wellness is characterized by: the ability to develop friendships; treating others with respect; valuing diversity; valuing time alone; staying informed about local, national and world news; and, having connection to family, friends and community to maintain balance in day-to-day life.

3. Emotional Dimension - Involves the capacity to manage feelings and the ability to cope effectively with stress.  Signs of emotional wellness include: ability to speak with others about your emotional concerns; having people in your life that you care about; and, feeling good about who you are.

4. Spiritual Dimension - Includes seeing the meaning and purpose in human existence.  Spiritual wellness is not limited to religion and includes: having dreams/goals for your life; developing a philosophy of life; caring about what happens to your fellow human beings; having a clear sense of right and wrong; and, having a personal comfort level with your religion or lack thereof. Why Should I Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

5.  Intellectual Dimension - Encourages creative and stimulating mental activities to expand knowledge and improve skills such as: learning to trust your ability to make decisions; challenging yourself to see more than one side of an issue; recognizing and valuing that learning is a lifelong process and continually striving to learn new things.

6. Occupational Dimension - Involves preparing for work in which one will gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment in life; having hobbies, interests and activities which bring you pleasure outside of work; being comfortable with the direction of your future plans; accurately assessing your strengths and weaknesses; believing that you have the qualities of a valuable employee; and, doing what you want to do with your life.